Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break

The kids have had Spring break this week. We have gone no where and done nothing mainly because the littlest one has had Bronchitis and needed to rest. Hubby and I did get some photos taken on our many walks around the Ring road. The photos are huge and I need to make some smaller before I can post them.
Modena Park is in full Spring and I love all the blooming trees and flowers!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Spring has sprung in Vienna!! E went for a long ride on his Motorcycle on Saturday and the weather was perfect! Sunday we went to a friends house to introduce our dog Bob to their puppy Hoover. The intro went well after Bob lost his lunch from nerves. I think it was nerves from the Ubann ride!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Finished up my Celtic quilt top yesterday, of course still need to quilt it but for now it is stuck to the wall in my room! I really enjoyed this class, I learned a new method of pinning and also a new way to finish off thread when you are doing the quilting ( same as you do when hand quilting) I think that I will be making more of these, mainly as wall quilts as they look good hanging.

The ladies and I are finishing up our fabric postcards tomorrow including French onion soup and dessert. Girls have to eat, might as well be good food!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


<-- Our friends new puppy, Hoover!
Busy busy weekend! I and the girl child ( she is now 10) went to DM, Thalia and the pet store on Landstrasse. Then when we got home from that I and the hubby went and bought all the food at Spar ( well felt that way ) and then had to lug it all home. Saturday night food was home made pizza and I made a two layer Carrot cake for the girl childs birthday. Sunday was random, the boy child had a friend over to stay Saturday night so we had to feed them breakfast and can two teenage boys EAT! The girl child had a birthday party to go to out by IKEA north and we stopped and visited our friends and their new puppy. Still not sure what I like best puppy or kitty, maybe that is why I have one of each! We made a birthday dinner and had cake and open presents and then made cookies for the birthday girl to take to school today. I was wiped by Sunday night!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is one of the quilting projects that I have been working on. This fabric is from a challenge that I bought but didn't do, I have since figure out that I don't do challenges well.

In other parts of my life I have been busy keeping busy. With the kids, the dog and the cat plus social activities with friends I manage to fill most of my days.

I am really enjoying my quilting class and will post photos when done

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another exciting installation!

Normally on Fridays here in Vienna I am looking forward to the weekend. Eric is always home on the weekends and we do exciting things like make breakfast and go shopping. This weekend we are thinking of taking a drive up into the mountains so he can play more with his new camera.

Fridays also means that I do laundry, as the machines here in Europe are smaller and they can take FOREVER to get a load done! I miss my US machines.

Angel the cat has reverted to PreBob status. Meaning that she is pushy and demanding. Ah the life of MY cat!
<---- Interesing looking Church

Monday, March 2, 2009

<---- Drinking fountain in Stadpark
Yeah I know I haven't been posting much but really have not been doing anything to interesting. Dealing with kids, hubby and pets takes most of my day.
Next week I am being brave and taking a Quilting class at the local quilt shop. The instructor does speak English so I hope it will work out. I just need to go and buy fabric.
Hubby has bought a new camera and so the photo quality here should go up as I'll be using his photos. I tend to use the point and shoot camera and my hand always moves!